Why Should Kids do Yoga?

Kids Yoga has rapidly been gaining in popularity over the last decade because it has been proven to aid not only a child’s physical development, but also their social and cognitive development too.

Benefits to Physical Development

- Increases kids' fitness, flexibility, strength, and balance. 

- Improves coordination and body awareness. 

- Provides kids who do not like sport with a way to connect with their bodies and be active. 

- Improves sporting ability and guards against injuries by increasing strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and body awareness. 

Benefits to Social Development

- Proven to improve self-esteem, allowing kids to become more confident in front of their peers. 

-Classes are inherently safe and positive; an environment that allows kids to challenge themselves to try new things. 

-Classes promote inclusivity and teamwork. 

-Engages both sporty and non-sporty kids.

Benefits to Cognitive Development

- Develops concentration. 

-Teaches children to manage stress and be able to regulate their emotions. 

- Encourages a healthy, strong, positive body image. 

- Has been shown to help reduce depression and anxiety in children. 

- Introduces concepts and skills surrounding wellbeing and health.